Fighting for Clean Water!

The 2018 Water Challenge is well under way. The student-led challenge provided an opportunity for students to brainstorm solutions to reduce water usage and improve water quality. Given the different climates, cultures, issues affecting each school, this year’s Water Challenge has led to an incredible number of ideas. Over 40 schools, from California to Uganda, are participating this year.

About the Water Challenge

The Water Challenge is comprised of 4 parts:

– Creating a Grades of Green Team

– Creating a plan to reduce water usage and completing the Water Challenge Forms

– Teaching others about your plan to reduce water usage

– Creating a video about your findings actions and submitting the Water Challenge Forms

Introduction Videos

In addition, schools were asked to submit videos introducing their school to the other Water Challenge Schools! We compiled these introduction videos so that everyone can see a few of the schools participating! Check out the video here!

Join Us!

If you’re interested in joining a global community of schools, join us in the Water Challenge next semester! In the meantime, you can participate in any of the Grades of Green Activities here!