Hi, I’m Braeden and I am the co-chair of the middle school Grades of Green Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program. If you do not know what Grades of Green is, well now you are in luck! Grades of Green is an awesome group that helps kids protect the earth. Youth Corps students implement Grades of Green Activities that help the environment. One of these Activities actually pertains to what I would like to tell you about: Earth Hour. As some of you may know, March 25th will be 10th Annual Earth Hour event and it will be held from 8:30 to 9:30 pm all over the globe.

Earth Hour began as a special time when people around the world were asked to turn off their lights for one hour.  Today, Earth Hour is like a mini-Earth Day and people have gone farther than just turning off lights. Now people host candle-light dinners, go out star gazing, and spread the word about climate change. Celebrating Earth Hour is a great way to raise awareness about taking care of the earth – so why not create a plan of your own Earth Hour event?! Tell us YOUR Earth Hour plans by tagging @gradesofgreen on social media!


Braeden Riley

Co-Chair, Grades of Green Youth Corps