Grades of Green is partnering with Surfrider Long Beach this Coastal Cleanup Day! This year Surfrider Long Beach is promoting a Rise Above Plastics Art Challenge to draw awareness to the amount of trash that ends up on our beach — a lot of which is plastic. This year, Grades of Green will help Long Beach create visual awareness on plastic pollution, while everyone does their part to keep our beach clean during the Coastal Cleanup Day event on September 19th.

Trash tally cards will be provided so volunteers can track the trash items collected. Volunteers will be encouraged to use the trash collected to create their very own piece of trash art after the cleanup and audit are done.

Local artist Justin Soenksen will be on hand to help volunteers categorize trash to use in art projects to be displayed at a special Rise Above Plastics (RAPtober) community meeting on October 14th (save the date!).

Volunteers can also take trash items home with them, do more cleanups to collect more trash, and then submit the art piece (or a photo of the art piece) to Surfrider for display at the community event in October. Need some artistic ideas? Take a look at winning submissions and templates from last year’s national contest:

Want to help coordinate the trash audit? You can be a team captain and show volunteers how to tally and audit the trash collected at the cleanup. Let your volunteer coordinator know if you are interested in lending an extra hand to help with the event.

What to Bring:
You can sign up when you arrive at the Belmont Pier for the cleanup. Event waivers will be available at the cleanup site, or you can download and bring it with you:
You can also bring a bucket or reusable bag and reusable gloves with you for the cleanup. If you don’t have them or forget, don’t worry! The Site Captains will have supplies on hand.

Questions or want to join? Contact