Aisha’s Tutorial: DIY Green Cleaning Supplies

Aisha is in fifth grade at Woodbury Elementary School in Irvine, and is passionate about teaching people how to avoid interacting wIth toxic chemicals. This year she decided to help the environment by taking on the Grades of Green Green Cleaning Supplies Activity .

Green Cleaning Supplies are great because they are made from non-toxic ingredients that keep our family, pets, and environment safe. Aisha, who is a part of the Los Angeles Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program, educated her peers, teachers, and school community about the benefits of switching from toxic cleaning products to Green Cleaning Supplies by hosting a segment in her school’s broadcast television show the “Woodbury Weekly”. She demonstrated how easy it is to make your own homemade Green Cleaning Supplies to over 1,000 students and educators. Check out Aisha’s Green Cleaning Supplies tutorial  here (start at 11:40).

Come learn about all the environmental actions students like Aisha are taking on in the Los Angeles Youth Corps Eco-Leadership program! Join us on Sunday, May 20th from 11am – 2pm for the Youth Corps Environmental Expo. Our partners at Subaru Pacific will be hosting this awesome event, and the afternoon will include a science fair style event where all Eco-Leaders will present their Grades of Green Activities.  For more details, check out the flyer here.