I first heard of Grades of Green the summer before my junior year of high school. I was involved with sustainability efforts at school, but found that the Grades of Green Youth Corps provided me a chance to grow and share my passion with younger members. I participated in the Youth Corps program for two years and loved the freedom of designing my own Green Project, rather than participating in a pre-existing endeavor. For my Green Project, I spent two years hosting 100-Mile Meals, where all the food was grown within a 100-mile radius of where it was served, and writing an accompanying food blog to support buying locally. The Youth Corps and Youth Corps advisors provided me with not only moral support, but also with countless contacts and marketing resources. While my interest in environmental conservation began at a young age, working with the Youth Corps and interning with Grades of Green for two summers has not only made me more independent, but also made me more confident that environmental science will be my chosen field of study in college.