Spring 2017 Outreach Events Calendar:


Taste of Blue Zones @ Manhattan Beach Civic Plaza (Manhattan Beach)


LA Environmental Education Fair @ Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden (Arcadia)


Grades of Green Fundraiser @ Lush, Del Amo Fashion Center (Torrance)


Star Eco Station’s Children’s Earth Day @ Star Eco Station (Culver City)


LA County Sanitation District Earth Day @ LA County Sanitation District Main Office (Whittier)


Bixby Knolls Earth Day @ 3737 Long Beach Boulevard (Long Beach)


Manhattan Beach Earth Day @ Polliwog Park (Manhattan Beach)

*For more information, please email us at info@gradesofgreen.org!

Grades of Green is proud to welcome two Spring interns, Anais and Arthella! Check out their stories below to learn about how their passions help Grades of Green carry out its mission to inspire and empower students to care for their environment.


Anaïs is an intern at the Grades of Green office in El Segundo. She is set to graduate from California State University, Long Beach, in May 2017. She will earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a minor in Geographic Information Science. During her educational path, she has been able to learn of and actively take part in the sustainability programs at Cal State Long Beach although her passion for the environment started from an early age. As a child, she learned to recycle, compost, garden, and to practice energy and water conservation.  Values of sustainability were instilled at this young age and have guided her through her life. After graduating she would like to continue to explore environmental programs and pursue a Masters’ Degree focusing on Sustainable Urban Planning. She is passionate about creating positive influence in the world and is hoping to inspire this new generation of youth, as she was inspired, to live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Arthella is a Grades of Green intern where she works closely with the Senior Program Managers. She did not always have a love for the environment, but it all changed when she enrolled in an introduction to physical geography course. During the course, Arthella became interested in Earth’s systems and natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Most importantly, she became aware of how human activities and interactions have greatly impacted the Earth. She became so passionate about the environment that she changed from a journalism major to a geography major. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Geography with an emphasis in Physical/Environmental Geography at the California State University, Long Beach. During the summer of 2016, Arthella volunteered as a mentor for the Filipino Migrant Center’s Sama Sama Youth Program where she worked with the youth in addressing social justice issues in the community. From being a mentor, she discovered how much she loves working with the youth and the community. Arthella is excited to be joining a team of passionate individuals who are empowering the youth to take action in protecting the environment.


I am truly proud of our Grades of Green Team.  It has been a great educational experience for our students to be mindful of the importance to recycle and dispose of waste properly.  Students making conscious decisions to dispose their waste appropriately has actually helped with another problem…  birds!  We’ve had a seagull issue for years.  Now that very little food is left on tables and the waste is primarily concentrated in several areas the birds are not really much of an issue now.

We should have done this program years ago! I love it! My back doesn’t hurt from throwing out all those bags of trash. I can’t believe we only have three bags of trash at lunch every day.

Dear Grades of Green Team,

A BIG thank you to you! We appreciate your help in getting started. The assembly and presentation was amazing! This really helped students understand how they can help the environment and take an active role. The teachers were jazzed as well and want to start this in our lounge so they too, can participate.

Many thanks for what you do!

The Grades of Green Team at Santa Monica High School is taking on Grades of Green’s Students In Action Activity to implement green projects in their community. From solar panel installation and campus composting to bans on water bottles and Expo Markers, this team hopes to improve not just one but several areas of the environment! Using the MISO (Media, Interview, Survey, Observation) which is currently being developed by Green Team teacher Ben Kay, students developed a clear plan to gather research on their chosen topic as well as ideas on who they need to present their research to in order to create real change. The final portion of their projects will include an awareness campaign on their topic to help educate their fellow peers and community members on environmental issues. Interested in creating a Green Team at your school but don’t know what activities to start with? Click here to register your school and gain access to Grades of Green’s Activities 40+ Activities!


After a whopping six years of implementing Grades of Green Activities, Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica is continuing their path to environmental sustainability by hosting an informative assembly for their kindergarten and first graders. Franklin Elementary Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program students Felix, Averie and Kiera gave an assembly with the Grades of Green team to teach students the 4 R’s, how to pack trash free, and how to sort their lunchtime waste! After the assembly, students we able to practice their lunchtime sorting, and “super sorters” were rewarded with a raffle ticket that they could exchange for prizes.  Special thanks to Franklin Elementary’s Grades of Green Team for contributing to the school’s long history of implementing Grades of Green water activities such as the water reduction challenge, earth activities such as display cases, and waste activities such as litter monster, trash free lunches, and campus composting! Interested in learning more about the Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program? Click here to read about all the students and the Grades of Green Activities they are working on this year. Interested in implementing Grades of Green Activities at your school? Find out how by clicking here!


The 2016-2017 Youth Corps Eco-Leadership Program is in full swing and despite a weekend of record rainfall, our awesome student leaders came together at Loyola Marymount University for their Winter Meet –Up! With their Grades of Green Activity in mind, students discussed ways to enhance and further develop their Activity with their fellow Youth Corps peers and Grades of Green Advisors. This Meet-Up also included a mindful activity in which students wrote “postcards to the earth”, thanking Mother Nature for her many underappreciated gifts. Elementary students created posters to promote their Grades of Green Activity at their school, and middle school students crafted individualized elevator pitches to practice introducing their Activity to people in their school community. The Meet-Up concluded with a presentation from Patrick, a volunteer with the Ballona Wetlands who taught students about the importance of wetlands and the history of the area. Special thank you to the LMU CURes department! To check out photos from the Winter Meet-Up, click here! Interested in learning more about the Youth Crops Eco-Leadership Program? Click here to read about all of the students and the Grades of Green Activity they are working on this year.