Facing Environmental Challenges Together!

Grades of Green schools can be found all over the world. Currently, Grades of Green schools span 17 different countries. These schools have implemented Grades of Green activities all around the world while providing a variety of international viewpoints and answers to environmental problems. Many of these solutions can be applied to countries with similar climates, such as using mulch to help soil with water retention- saving water in the process, as St. Roza has shown us. By joining Grades of Green, schools become part of a Global network where they have multiple opportunities to communicate with each other. After all, solutions from 615 (and counting!) schools are better than one!

Last semester, the Global Water Challenge brought Millard Extension from Nebraska and Water Challenge Winner St. Roza from Uganda together. The two schools communicated frequently through Google Classroom. After last year’s challenge, these two schools have kept in contact and are continuing to help each other with their environmental goals!

Buddy Schools!

This year, we have over 40 schools in 10 different countries participating in the 2018 Spring Water Challenge! We’re pairing each school with a buddy school so that people can share their experiences, insights, and inspirations. Through increased communication, schools will be able to learn about other ways to tackle environmental solutions! Moreover, students get to learn about different cultures across the map in their shared goal towards a more environmental conscious world.

If you haven’t registered yet, feel free to register your school with Grades of Green here! You’ll receive FREE downloadable resources and one-on-one staff advisor support year-round.

So you’ve got the perfect plan to help the environment and you ask yourself, “what now?” Maybe you’re working on a Grades of Green activity but you don’t know where or how to start. Many students and leaders reach a point where they have an incredible idea or aspire to do more but don’t know how to make them a reality.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help.

Stop whatever you’re doing and make some time on February 1st on your calendar and join us at 12 PM EST on Facebook in our “Create a Movement Webinar!” The “Create a Movement Webinar” addresses the first steps to starting your environmental activities and maximizing your impact. We’ve done the heavy lifting and created comprehensive guides and activities tackling Water, Energy, Air, Waste, Toxins, and Earth issues so that you don’t have to start from scratch. We’ll guide you through the basics on getting started with environmental initiatives and completing any of our 40+ Grades of Green Activities.

If you haven’t registered yet, feel free to register your school with Grades of Green here! You’ll receive FREE downloadable resources and one-on-one staff advisor support year-round.

Grades of Green partners with One More Generation!

One More Generation is a non-profit focused on animal conservation and environmental stewardship founded by two young and talented students, Carter and Olivia. With their recently launched One Less Straw pledge, the non-profit tackles the issue of straw usage. The pledge brings awareness to the severe damage that these innocuous utensils unleash into our oceans. In the United States of America alone, consumers use 500,000,000 straws daily, often going un-recycled and thrown into landfills. Like most plastics, straws are not easily biodegradable, but they also have the added danger of harming animals. Aquatic animals are especially susceptible to straws as they can suffocate on plastics while feeding. Make it part of your New Year’s resolutions to remove straws from your daily life!

Furthermore, SimplyStraws is partnering with One More Generation and offering coupons for a free, reusable glass straw to those who pledge. Sturdy, reusable, and easy to clean glass straws are an excellent alternative to help participants replace their harmful plastic straw habits.

Individuals, businesses, and schools can commit to using less straws and sign up for the One Less Straw campaign here.

Let’s start off 2018 right and reduce our straw usage!

Certified and Beyond!

Congratulations to Bryant Ranch, who just became a Grades of Green Certified school. The Orange County school’s Grades of Green Team worked hard over the course of the past year to achieve this prestigious award. Through their strong student leadership and guidance from teachers and Suzan C., Bryant Ranch implemented Waste Reduction Tips, General Waste Tips , and Trashy Trivia Cards! These activities explain many waste related issues and actions that students and parents can take to reduce their negative environmental impact in a fun way! The Grades of Green Team clearly showed their enthusiasm in helping the environment and we could not be more proud of their accomplishments.

Interested in being a Grades of Green Certified School as well? Follow in Bryant Ranch’s footsteps and set up your own Grades of Green Team! Email us today at info@gradesofgreen.org to get individualized support from your school’s Grades of Green Advisor!

Introducing a New Program Advisor!


Jordan is a New Program Advisor for Grades of Green’s Global Program in the New York Office. He primarily works on engaging students in Grades of Green programs around the world and developing program content. Additionally, he makes videos and provides sustainable recipes for the Grades of Green team.


Jordan earned his degree in Environmental Studies at Skidmore College, where he developed his knowledge of agricultural politics, international affairs, economics, geology, photography, and environmental education. At Skidmore, He conducted research with Professor Nurcan Atalan-Helicke for the Urban Forestry Project. This research documented the economic and social benefits of planting trees in urban areas. Seeking to fully understand and improve food sustainability issues, he worked in the farming and restaurant industries. After cooking at Flora Street Cafe in Dallas, Jordan briefly visited Taiwan, where he discussed environmental initiatives with local students in Taipei. Later on, he used his kitchen knowledge and worked to reduce food waste in a cafe in Huashan. With his collective culinary, academic, and artistic knowledge, Jordan hopes to improve attitudes towards the environment through food, research, and film.


You can reach Jordan at JordanC@gradesofgreen.org

Kanwal Can Do It All!

Kanwal’s passion for environmental advocacy and responsibility shines bright. This recent Grades of Green
student from Pakistan is already making waves in the field of sustainability.

Despite her young age, Kanwal recently organized and hosted a “Single-Use Plastics” Seminar in Pakistan this past week. Kanwal, along with a multitude of influential sustainability speakers, discussed the environmental impact of single-use plastics and provided steps to reduce dependency on these harmful substances.

Interested in being like Kanwal? Why not join in on an eco-challenge? Join Grades of Green’s Spring 2018 Water Challenge to see how much water your school can save! For more information, email info@gradesofgreen.org.

Grades of Green is sending Eco Starter Kits to kick off our new Global Water Challenge program!

The Water Challenge is a new global challenge that develops students’ leadership and creativity skills. Grades of Green Teams across the country and the
are conducting their own research to learn about local water issues and coming up with solutions to conserve water in their community. The challenge culminates with each school submitting a video with their innovative solution. To help students get started, we have provided each Grades of Greens with an awesome Eco Starter Kit.

Each starter kit contains:

  • – An introduction from your personal Water Challenge Advisor
  • – A Water Challenge banner
  • – A “Water Facts” diagram to use during your classroom presentations about water conservation
  • – Best practices for starting your own Grades of Green Team
  • – 1 Grades of Green shirt
  • – 3 Lanyards

Each box is sturdy and reusable!

By folding the top backwards and taping it down, you can easily repurpose each Eco Start Kit box into a submission box for your completed Water Challenge forms!

We hope that you enjoy your kits and have a great start to the Challenge!