Green school assemblies offer a fun, and exciting approach to environmental education, and students will love these assemblies! Students will better retain environmental information through interactive eco-friendly school assemblies.

Find a volunteer to oversee the school assembly process. That volunteer will research green school assembly ideas for your school. Some green assembly ideas include contacting local zoos, aquariums, farms, non-profits that cater to environmental issues, national parks in your area, or other environmental community programs.

If your school is located in the Los Angeles area, check out the Environmental Defenders for an environmentally friendly school assembly in Southern California.

Additionally, you could utilize some songs at your green school assembly as well. Check out Think Green and Pick it Up.

Make sure the volunteer communicates directly with your school’s administration regarding the volunteer’s plans for a green school assembly. Additionally, the volunteer must coordinate with any relevant parties. Based off your school’s schedule, have the volunteer plan the best day for a green school assembly. Even if the green school assembly is only for one class or one grade level , the environmental knowledge that the students learn will be long-lasting!