Assemblymember Betsy Butler (District 53) awarded Grades of Green her AD 53 Hero Award.  Butler recognizes organizations that are benefiting the community through the Hero Award.  In particular, Grades of Green “has done an impressive job of creating easy instructions any parent can use to create a cleaner, healthier environment for their children through the schools,” according to Butler.

Betsy Butler Names Grades of Green a Hero

Assemblymember honors non-profit that offers free tools to make schools greener

Manhattan Beach, Calif. (September 22, 2011)—Handling rotting fruit is not normally on the agenda of California Assemblymember Betsy Butler (D-53rd district).  Yet there she was, learning about compost from some second-graders as she presented her Hero Award to Grades of Green, the non-profit group that helps kids and their parents implement conservation practices in their schools.  Butler presented the award to Grades of Green at lunchtime on Monday at Grand View Elementary School in Manhattan Beach, where the non-profit group got its start.

Butler’s District Hero Award recognizes constituents, businesses or groups that show tremendous leadership to shape and improve the lives of our community.   “Grades of Green has done an impressive job of creating easy instructions any parent can use to create a cleaner, healthier environment for their children through schools,” said Butler.  “Many of our community’s schools are now greener, thanks to the Grades of Green tools that help reduce trash, emissions, and harmful classroom chemicals.”

“Assemblymember Butler has been a huge supporter of the environment in the State Assembly and we are honored to receive her Hero Award,” said Lisa Coppedge, Grades of Green co-director. “Like Grades of Green, Ms. Butler understands that if we can share facts about the environment with kids at a young age, environmental protection will become second nature to them.”

Manhattan Beach USD Superintendent Dr. Michael Matthews, Grand View Elementary School Principal Rhonda Steinberg, and Grades of Green leaders from several other schools joined Grades of Green’s four co-directors as they accepted the award.

Grades of Green is a national non-profit organization that provides parents and educators with free instructions for making schools greener on its website, Anyone who wants to implement sustainability programs can register their schools online at no cost to get tips on reducing trash, emissions, and harmful classroom chemicals, plus dozens of other ways to help the environment. The site includes artwork, signage and helpful hints for dozens of activities.

Grades of Green has been honored with many other awards, including the U.S. EPA’s prestigious Environmental Award. Grades of Green is growing rapidly, with more than 50,000 students in 13 states enrolled.  Its goal is to enroll thousands of schools with millions of kids to collectively make a vast impact. For more information on Grades of Green visit or contact Melissa Bailey at 310-465-5647.