Dan Neri

Owner, Matter

Dan would still be working on the docks in Brooklyn if his grandfather had his way.  But as fate would have it, Dan prefers the back-breaking work of Advertising.  Dan has always been passionate about art and drawn to the power of words and images to carry a message — be it painful, joyful, fictional, corporate or authentic.  When he was young he approached art as anything he could get away with — and Dan still takes that approach today. Dan has worked on brands including MTV, CNN, ESPN, Dupont, Taco Bell, DeBeers, Kelloggs to name a few. His work has been recognized by the Cannes Advertising Festival, Communication Arts, The One Show, The Effie Awards, The National Addys. Ever the New Yorker, Dan is still under the delusion that the Yankees will be drafting him anytime now.

When Dan imagines the Earth in a 100 years he feels much better knowing that there’s an organization like Grades of Green. The idea of giving children the knowledge and tools to to make the world better is an actual way to make positive change. He only wishes Grades of Green was around 40 years ago.

Board Members

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J. Peter Barbara
Lisa Coppedge
Christopher Gebhardt
Whitney Steininger
Adriana Senior
Suzanne Kretschmer
Shaya Kirkpatrick
James Givens
Jeff Neu
Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks
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Howard Fishman
Lynn O'Connell
Chris Davis
Syed Mohammad
Steven Davis
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Dan Neri
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