Inga Werner Middleton

Real Estate Sales Professional

Inga Werner Middleton is an avid environmentalist whose passion is to educate children and their families on the importance of conservation. Inga Middleton’s work with Grand View Elementary has helped to bring increased awareness in both parents and children of the importance of using fewer natural resources while also recycling, re-using, and composting. Now living in Arlington, Virginia, Inga has successfully introduced many of the same concepts to the new school her children attend.

With the encouragement of the Grand View PTA President, in 2007 Inga began to dream about the possibility of forming an organized group of parents at Grand View who would educate the children on the importance of conservation issues. She invited Lisa Coppedge to join her in the effort, named it “Planet Pals” and later included Suzanne Kretschmer. Planet Pals grew and became Grades of Green.

Through the use of games and music, Inga led the effort to visit classrooms instructing children on how to reduce, reuse and recycle. It included an effective demonstration of composting using a worm composting bin as a tool. Her new colleagues and she have also continued these efforts in Arlington. Additionally, with the counsel of Waste Management, Inga led a successful school-wide assembly introducing the 3 R’s through games, a slide show and music. She orchestrated the attendance of Heal the Bay and Archie Hill, the rap artist; Inga organized another assembly attended by the Los Angeles Public Works group called “Environmental Defenders” and also Archie Hill. Inga was instrumental in re-introducing the Walk to School Program to Grand View with incentives increasing the number of walkers/bikers at Grand View from about 25% to nearly 85% at its peak. Inga advanced the introduction of the trash free lunch system to Grand View parents and children. This effort led to the Trash Free Tuesdays which have shown to reduce trash bags at Grand View from 40 bags to 2. She has continued to grow this concept in Arlington by selling lunch boxes and leading a school-wide Trash Free Tuesday.

Inga was educated at University of California at Riverside and the University of California at Los Angeles, receiving her bachelors from UCLA 1987. Inga attended California Western School of Law receiving her Juris Doctor in 1990. She practiced law in Los Angeles until she had her first child in 1997.

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