Kelly Meyer

Co-Founder, American Heart Association Teaching Gardens

Kelly Chapman Meyer, environmental activist and health advocate, is co-founder of the American Heart Association Teaching Gardens and a trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council. She joins her passions to help push forward policies and programs for the health and wellness of the individual and the environment. Meyer co-founded the Teaching Gardens program as a way to combat the rise of childhood obesity and lifestyle-related illnesses. As an environmental activist, she organized the Guinness-world-record-setting Peace Paddle Out to help raise awareness and funds to protect the oceans. Moreover, as co-founder of the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, Meyer has helped to raise over $40 million for groundbreaking biomarker research. Among other honors, she was named to Oprah’s 2010 O Power List, was a Huffington Post 2011 Game Changer and received the 2012 Environmental Media Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

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