Melanie Robinson

Principal, Fluid Figment

With a discerning eye for detail, hands-on creative skills, and an innate sense for emerging cultural tastes and trends, Melanie oversees all aspects of branding, environmental, graphic and experience design at KAA Design both for its residential projects as well as its growing collection of commercial and hospitality venues.

A true visionary and a passionate leader, Melanie has helped individuals, businesses, corporations and organizations innovate and grow through brand strategy and ideation. She frequently speaks about the value of design thinking and the power of an integrated design approach and takes a special interest in the convergence of technology and the arts, as well as the ways in which design thinking can lead social innovation. Melanie’s background in lifestyle branding and fashion design has proven to be an invaluable asset for the finely tuned brand identities she has created. A color scientist –almost. With her incredibly talented team, she orchestrates virtually every vital brand touchpoint including collateral, marketing materials, websites, packaging, staff apparel, merchandising, signage and wayfinding and retailing.

A chief strategist of the company’s public image and product experiences, Melanie brings a breadth and depth of creativity and expertise to all endeavors. She has worked at KAA Design since 1999 across a broad range of design-related disciplines to inspire designers and clients to think differently about lifestyles and experiences.

Her work has been honored in ID, Print, Communication Arts, HOW, GD USA and has received numerous awards. Melanie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Graphic Arts from Laval University, Quebec City, Canada and is an active member of the American Institute of Graphics Arts and the Los Angeles design community.

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