Boeing has extended their sustainability and innovation efforts by awarding a grant to Grades of Green, an environmental education nonprofit. The Boeing Corporation is helping make Grades of Green’s Water Campaign possible, providing environmental leadership resources for students around the world. Their eco-commitment doesn’t stop there – to reduce Boeing’s environmental footprint, facilities ship reusable plastic containers back to suppliers rather than to a landfill. A Boeing facility in Everett, Washington even uses wetlands to assist with storm water management at facilities and Boeing’s Santa Susana Field Laboratory was nationally recognized for their storm-water treatment systems.

Prioritizing water management aligns with Grades of Green’s Water Campaign. Student changemakers around the world research local environmental issues, innovate sustainable solutions, and educate their community on the importance of conservation. Students have successfully advocated for the ban of single use plastics in their district, secured reliable water sources, and made environmental sustainability second nature within their schools.

The Boeing Company’s commitment to the next generation of innovators is evident through their abundance of educational resources available on their website. Per Boeing’s 2018 Environmental Report, Boeing’s goal is to harness “the natural curiosity of young people through investments, partnerships and volunteerism to show them how science and engineering can help solve real-world problems.”

By sponsoring Grades of Green’s Water Campaign, The Boeing Company is committed to creating the next generation of environmental leaders. Join our next campaign [here] to be part of the movement!