Water Earth Tips

Grade of Green’s Water Earth Tips provides your school with a library of environmental tips you can us to spread awareness and inspire and educate your school community about ways to care for the environment by conserving water or protecting water quality. You can publish these Water Earth Tips in your school’s e-newsletters, say them over morning announcements, or add them to bulletin boards. Because it requires a minimal time commitment, it is a great starter Grades of Green Activity! Additionally, if you’re looking to take water conservation to the next level, this is a great Activity to layer on to existing water-related Grades of Green Activities.

Water Refill Station

Introducing a water refill station at your school is a great way to encourage students to bring reusable water bottles every day and to reduce plastic waste. A water refill station is a place on campus where students can refill their water bottle with drinking water. Installing a water refill station makes it easy for students to bring reusable bottles to school, and to make sure everyone has access to fresh, clean drinking water every day. This Activity can be done by installing a water refill station in lieu of a water fountain or by simply refilling a jug of water at lunchtime or during after school activities when a water foundation is not close.