Grades of Green is currently featured on 3rd Strike Radio, Green & Woke, and Green Times. As registration for the Waste Campaign nears a close, Build a Better Planet has offered to help us reach new student groups around the world.

In partnership with Build a Better Planet, 3rd Strike Radio presents environmental awareness podcasts, Green & Woke and Green Times, among others. Now through January 22nd, all Build a Better Planet podcasts feature a public service announcement from Grades of Green, asking student change-makers to answer the call. The PSA will be running in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

The Waste Campaign is one of the many ways our student Eco-Leaders take action in their community. Using the Grades of Green Waste Campaign Handbook as a guide, students research the environmental issues in their community, implement waste reduction activities, and brainstorm sustainability solutions. Students are encouraged to follow their interests and put their sustainability solutions into action. At the end of this 4-month competition, Campaign Teams submit their sustainability solutions and their projects are judged by a panel of environmental experts. Five to seven projects will be selected to receive Eco-Grants to fund their sustainability solution.

Do you know Student Leaders who are ready to solve sustainability issues in their community? There are only 6 days left to join the Waste Campaign and qualify for Eco-Grants. Don’t wait! Register now!

Grades of Green has been highlighted on The Inspired Child, a web series which features leaders in the fields of education, youth leadership, coaching and service-learning.

Produced and Hosted by Ashley Dos Santos, an educator and youth-mentor, The Inspired Child is about arming as many parents as possible with information that will empower them and ensure that their kids are inspired to make the world a better place. This web series is an opportunity to learn from people that have found a way to create real world learning, service and leadership opportunities for young people during their crucial middle and teenage years.

Representing Grades of Green, Program Advisor Robyn Murphy talks about the upcoming Waste Campaign, what inspires children, and what empowers them to take their projects to the next level. “Kids have ideas,” Robyn added, “but don’t necessarily have the resources to implement them.”

The upcoming Waste Campaign offers students the opportunity to implement waste reduction on their campus, research environmental issues affecting their community, and brainstorm sustainable solutions with the help of Grades of Green Mentors and environmental experts.

Viewing the web series, resources, and trainings put into action, are all free to access by registering here. Each segment of The Inspired Child will include insights, tips and strategies for internships, service-learning & experiential projects; including templates, trainings, documentary series, how-to guides, lesson plans and book studies.

The individual segments will be airing from January 15th through February 5th. The web series will also feature segments from 20 other leaders in education and youth leadership, such as Laurie Ann Thompson, author of “Be A Changemaker,” and Katie Allen of Algalita.

If you have any additional questions about the Waste Campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact Grades of Green Advisors at

Ready to join the movement? Register for the Waste Campaign here before January 22nd.

Grades of Green Board Chair Barbara Franqui was featured in Modern Conservationist, a blog focusing on insight into the most pressing issues affecting environmental and wildlife conservation efforts today. Click here to read how Grades of Green eco-leaders ages 12-18 around the globe are creating local environmental movements!

Grades of Green: Growing the Next Generation of Environmental Activists

Interested in starting an environmental movement in your community? Register for Grades of Green’s Waste Campaign beginning in January 2019 by clicking here.

Check out the New Years Eve Episode of Coffee Talk, brought to you by Port Jeff Pulse and hosted by Kevin Wood. Justin Bulova of Grades of Green talks about the upcoming Waste Campaign, Student Sustainability Solutions, and Environmental Issues affecting Port Jefferson and Suffolk County, Long Island.

Click here to see the full interview.

“We all need to be a little more green #coffeetalk welcomes Justin Bulova of Grades of Green to our next show! Student volunteer opportunities will be forthcoming to PORT JEFF!”

Tune in to The Environment Episode of Nonprofit Tangent, a cool new podcast highlighting nonprofit stories in New York City and Beyond. Emily Stewart and Justin Bulova of Grades of Green talk about the upcoming Waste Campaign.

You can check it out here on Spotify.

“We’ll hear stories from Kaia Rose, the director of Climate Countdown which is making climate politics much more accessible, Robert Lee of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine who has found a way to make enormous environmental gains while helping support New York’s food insecure and Justin Bulova & Emily Stewart of Grades of Green which is showing students and children everywhere that they can also be environmental leaders.

Helping provide context for this episode are CSI social entrepreneurs Bill Levey of Naeco and Amer Jindali of Future Meets Present.

Music throughout this episode is generously provided by The Institute of Flyer Learning.”

Grades of Green’s Co-Executive Director, Allie Bussjaeger, is a featured alumni at California State University, Long Beach. Allie received her bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in environmental science and policy from the university in 2011. To read more about Allie’s time at CSULB and how it brought her to Grades of Green, click here.

Grades of Green’s newly announced Co-Executive Directors Allie Bussjaeger  and Emily Gee were recently featured on the Beach Reporter. The Co-Executive Directors both started out as interns at Grades of Green over seven years ago, and have been growing in and supporting the organization ever since.
Click here to read the article!

Grades of Green names new co-executive directors.

Grades of Green’s Water Campaign was featured in DC Councilmember Todd‘s newsletter. The Water Campaign guides middle and high school students to research a local water issue, develop a solution, and then share that solution with the community to advocate for environmental policy change. Click here to see the article.

Both winning teams from last year’s Water Campaign came from California and encouraged their community to switch to reusable instead of single-use plastic bottles by teaching interactive lessons on the negative impacts of plastic and hosting poster contests. These two schools alone conserved and protected a total of nearly 900,000 gallons of water. Where will this year’s winning team come from and what will they accomplish? Check out our website and social media channels @gradesofgreen this December to find out!

Interested in starting a global movement at your school? Email for more information on our global Waste Campaign starting in January 2019!

DC Councilmember Todd’s August 2018 Newsletter

Did you know that 30-40% of food in the US is wasted, or that reducing the amount of food waste sent to the landfill results in both water and energy savings? Check out this episode on Food Waste by Curiosity Quest to learn all about the food industry and how waste is managed! The episode features Grades of Green Eco-Leaders and waste sorting experts Ashely, Tiana, and Audrey from Macy Intermediate in Monterey Park. Grades of Green communities like the city of Manhattan Beach are also featured!

Interested in reducing food waste in your school or community? Email for information on our Spring 2018 Waste Campaign!

Tune into Grade’s of Green’s podcast interview with DJ EJ on 102.7 KIISS FM, Los Angeles’ #1 hit music station! During this KIIS FM Community Council segment, Director of Global Programs <a href=" Emily Gee and Program Coordinator Emily Stewart discuss why water conservation is so important, how Grades of Green eco-leaders are taking action to protect their water resources, and how YOU can save water at home through everyday actions. Emily and Emily also reveal Grades of Green’s exciting new program, the fall 2018 Water Campaign!

Are you a student or educator interested in leading a water campaign in your community? Click
to register for Grades of Green’s four-month Water Campaign, beginning in September 2018. The Water Campaign is open to any group of students across the globe and is free to the first 300 student teams that register!