Picking Your Project!

Awesome, you’ve picked your Topic! Now in Phase 2, you’ll select a solution to focus on, a project to make it happen, and a type of campaign to guide your project going forward! You’ll also contact a local expert(s) to learn how your solution is relevant to your audience or your community.

The Campaign Path: Phase 2

An Overview of the Campaign Process

Phase 2 – Pick Your Project | Task List

3 weeks & 15 points

Phase 2.1 – Pick Your Solution and Explore Possible Project Ideas

It’s time to pick your solution and explore possible project ideas! Check out the links below under your topic to find the solution that you think would make an impact in your community: 

Topic – Energy

Click here to see Energy solutions and project ideas.

  • Solution – Advocate for Transition to Renewable Energy 
  • Solution – Increase Energy Efficiency 
  • Solution – Save Water to Save Energy 

Topic – Transportation

Click here to see Transportation solutions and project ideas.

  • Solution – Reduce Idling Emissions 
  • Solution – Promote Alternative Modes of Transportation 
  • Solution – Promote Electric Vehicles 
  • Solution – Reduce Shopping Miles 

Topic – Food 

Click here to see Food solutions and project ideas.

  • Solution – Reduce Meat Consumption 
  • Solution – Promote Tropical Forest Friendly Foods 
  • Solution – Promote Sustainably Produced Foods 
  • Solution – Reduce Food Waste 

Topic – Waste

Click here to see Waste solutions and project ideas.

  • Solution – Reduce Single Use Plastics and Promote Reusable Items 
  • Solution – Reduce Litter 
  • Solution – Reduce Clothing/Textile Waste 
  • Solution – Reduce Electronic Waste 
  • Solution – Promote Reusing and Upcycling Items

Topic – Trees

Click here to see Trees solutions and project ideas.

  • Solution – Increase Urban Tree Cover 
  • Solution – Protect Tropical and Old Growth Forest 
  • Solution – Combat the Urban Heat Island Effect 

Now it’s Time to Pick Your Solution

Now that you’ve explored some solutions and the project ideas, let us know which you’re most interested in. 

NEXT STEP: Learn about campaign types

Now that you’ve picked your solution and explored project ideas under each, it’s time to learn about the campaign types that will propel your project to success.

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