Picking Your Project!

Okay! Let’s review: You’ve picked your solution back on 2.1, you learned about campaign types in 2.2 and you picked and reached out to an expert in 2.3. Now it’s time to finally pick your project and the campaign type!

Project Map:

Throughout your Climate Campaign journey your Advisor will make a Project Map for your team! This will help you keep track of your progress and include the key aspects of each phase. You will always have access to your Project Map so that you are able to track your progress, check tasks off your task list, and refer back to your hard work!

Here are the final steps in Phase 2:

  1. Click the link that your Advisor emailed you to view your Project Map. Review the Topic and Solution that you chose.
  2. Click the link to your Topic to find the solutions, project ideas and the campaign types associated with each.
  3. Pick a project and choose one of the campaign types listed next to it. If you’re designing your own project, talk with your Advisor about which campaign type works for you.
  4. Fill out the questions below to tell us which project you picked!

Having trouble viewing or completing the form below? To view in Google Forms click here – Phase 2.4 Form

You did it – you completed Phase 2 – Pick Your Project! 

Were you able to successfully reach an expert?

Was it the person you initially tried to contact?

If not, what is the person name and email?

Did you complete the following tasks? You’ll need to before heading into Phase 3 – Create a Plan

NEXT STEP:  Create a Plan 

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