Congratulations! You’ve reached the final Phase of the Climate Solutions Campaign. During this Phase you will measure and report your impacts and share your successTo be eligible for Grades of Green’s Eco-Grant prize, please complete the following:

Phase 4 – Celebrate Your Success

  • ✅ Measure and report your audience members reached.
  • ✅ Submit a project summary and all materials you have created for your outreach.
  • Complete and submit the “Phase 4.1 – “Share Your Success” questions.
  • Check in with Advisor. 

Measure Your Audience Reach and Share You Success

Congrats on making it to the last stage of YOUR Climate Solution Project!!!

First, use the documentation worksheet(s) that you filled out in Phase 3.2 to report the students and community members reached during your project. Then it’s time to tell us HOW you achieved your results. This is your chance to show off! Be thorough and assume that the people who read this are hearing about your campaign for the first time. 

Include key actions that your team took to reach your audience and achieve your goals. Share with your advisor all the outreach materials that you created including photos of your team in action, presentations, slide decks, copies of emails sent and received, screenshots of social media posts, etc. 

Having trouble viewing or completing the form below? To view in Google Forms click here – Phase 4.1

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have completed the Climate Solutions Campaign. The actions taken by your team have helped to solve the climate crisis in your community! Be sure to check in one more time with your advisor to ensure you have submitted all the materials required to be eligible for an eco grant!

Eco Grant Finalists will be announced May 20th!

Eco Grant Winners will be announced May 26th!

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