Time to Take Action!

It’s time to put your task list into action and document your communications strategies, advocacy reach and greenhouse gas changes.

Throughout this process, it is important that you document all the work you do as a team.  Be sure you have an online location where you will save all of the materials you create and use. These include photos of your team in action, presentations, slide decks, copies of emails sent and received, screenshots of social media posts, etc. Keeping track of these as you go along will make reporting your impacts and project details much easier in Phase 5. Free online platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive are great places to store your hard work. 

Track Your Advocacy Reach

As you work through your task list and implement your campaign strategies, you’ll need to track the number of students and community members that you reached and how you reached them. While you’re implementing your campaign strategies, it may be helpful to go back to Phase 3.5 to review the detailed instructions and tips provided.

Documenting Your Progress

The following steps will guide you through the documentation process:

Step 1: Have your Project Map on hand to keep you on track with the work you’ve already accomplished.

Step 2: Review your Task List (found on your Project Map) and update it as needed. Download your Project Map as a Word Doc. or make a copy on Google Drive so that you are able to edit your Task List!

Step 3: Download the Documentation Worksheet(s) that correspond(s) with your campaign strategies to keep track of your reach!

Step 4: (OPTIONAL) If you have an Actual Greenhouse Gas Goal that you are tracking over time, download the following worksheet!

Now that you have completed your task list, implemented your communication strategies, created an actual or potential change in Green House Gas emissions and completed your Documentation Worksheet, you can complete this form: 

Having trouble viewing or completing the form below? To view in Google Forms click here – Phase 4.2 Form

You did it – You completed Phase 4 – Take Action

GREAT JOB!! You’ve completed Phase 4! Did you complete the following tasks? You’ll need to before heading into Phase 5:

  •  ✅ Participate in Mid-program/New Year webinar.  
  •  ✅ Implement your task list including your communications strategies.
  •  ✅ Document your work.
  •  ✅ Submit your completed task list document to your advisor.
  • Check-in with Advisor. 

Next Step Phase 5 – Celebrate Your Success

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