In Phase 4, you will put your plan into action by using your task list and campaign strategies to implement your solution.

Get excited! It’s time to make things happen!

To get a preview of what’s in store, check out the infographic below.

Phase 4 – Take Action | 8 weeks & 15 points 

  • ✅ Participate in Mid-program/New Year webinar.  
  • ✅ Implement your task list and track your communication strategies.
  • ✅ Document your work.
  • Check-in with Advisor. 

Phase 4.1: We are kicking off Phase 4 with a webinar to meet students from across the globe, share your project and hear about your fellow Eco-Leaders solutions for their community. You don’t want to miss it! But if you do, we will have a recording available for you to watch later. Please RSVP with the google form below and wait for an email in the New Year with instructions for the Webinar!

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NEXT STEP: PHASE 4.2 – Take Action and Track What You’ve Done!

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