In Phase 4, you will be putting your plan into action by using your task list and campaign strategies to implement your solution. It’s time to make things happen!

To get a preview of what’s in store, check out the infographic below.

Phase 4 – Take Action | 8 weeks & 15 points 

  • ✅ Participate in Mid-program/New Year webinar.  
  • ✅ Implement your task list including your communications strategies.
  • ✅ Document your work.
  • ✅ Submit your completed task list document to your advisor.
  • Check-in with Advisor. 

Phase 4.1: We are kicking off Phase 4 with a webinar to meet students from across the globe, share your project and hear about your fellow Eco-Leaders solutions for their community. You don’t want to miss it! But if you do we will have a recording available for you to watch later.

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NEXT STEP: PHASE 4.2 – Take Action and Track What You’ve Done!

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