Now that you’ve chosen and researched a Climate Solutions Topic, it’s time to write your Team Manifesto! 

In a manifesto, you take a stand and declare your values, your vision, and your goals to the world. A manifesto is a powerful call-to-action you can use to “ignite the masses” and inspire your audience.

Example Manifestos

Check out the examples of climate action manifestos from the Climate Collaborative and from the Marlborough High School Green Team and then use the questions to build a manifesto for your own team.   

Climate Collaborative’s Manifesto

This is an abridged version of Climate Collaborative’s excellent manifesto, which you can read the entirety of here.

We are manufacturers, retailers, distributors, brokers, suppliers, and other concerned businesses from the natural foods industry working collaboratively to take bold action to reverse climate change. 

We are a catalyst for change. Big, bold change. We’re turning-up the heat to challenge our peers to up their climate game. Climate change is here now. 

We already feel its effects.  

While climate change is one of the biggest risks ever to face humankind, it’s also one of our greatest opportunities. Solving the climate crisis will make our businesses stronger, our nation more prosperous, and our families safer. It will unleash a new wave of innovation and improve our quality of life. 

We get it. Blazing a new path is not easy. Climate can feel like a distant threat when you’re working to meet quarterly revenue targets, resolve production capacity constraints or deal with another human resource crisis.   

We must. We are an industry of innovators. Our consumers expect us to lead. We can go farther together to reverse climate change than any of us have gone before and usher in the new low carbon economy.  

Working together we will. 

Marlborough High School’s Feed the Soil Compost Club 

This Manifesto was written by a past Campaign team at Marlborough High School in Los Angeles, California.

We are the Marlborough High School Feed The Soil Compost Club.  We know that, because of our current environmental footprint: 

  • 40% of all food in America is wasted, 
  • the annual cost of food is $1 trillion, 
  • it takes 25 years for a head of lettuce to decompose in a landfill where it releases methane, which is a 4 times more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.  

Despite these statistics, there are sustainable alternatives to improve our planet. For example, it takes less than a month for food scraps to decompose in a compost bin,  WITHOUT producing methane.  

We intend to see politicians and leaders implement legislative change to slow climate change by reducing food waste and increasing composting.   With policies initiated, we as youth can create programs and projects to stop the climate crisis, like worldwide composting. We need environmental policies, like the Green New Deal, because food waste is a top contributor to the acceleration of climate change and we must address the crisis.  

We Demand an End to Food Waste.    

Now, Write Your Team Manifesto!

Optional: Take Your Team Manifesto to the Next Level – Bonus Points  

Get creative… Transform your Team Manifesto into a short video, a poem, a poster – or anything that you can share with others to “ignite the masses!”  Show your values, your vision, and your goals.  Here are a couple of examples:

After you’ve finished your creative Team Manifesto, send it to your Advisor and score some bonus points!

Congratulations! You’ve Completed Phase 1 – Learn!

Did you complete the following tasks? You’ll need to before heading into Phase 2 – Pick Your Project: 

  • Watch the Climate Crisis Recap video (Earn a Bonus Point)
  • ✅ Watch the Climate Solutions Shark Tank Topic video  
  • ✅ Explore the Deep Dive on one or more topics 
    • Energy, Transportation, Food, Waste, and Trees  
  • ✅ Decide which topic to focus on for your project and complete the “Phase 1.1 – Climate Solutions Topic” questions
  • ✅ Create your Team Manifesto and complete the “Phase 1.2 – Team Manifesto” questions
    • Get Bonus Points for being creative with your Manifesto! 
  • Check in with your Advisor 


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