On May 14th, winners of the 2018 Water Campaign, Columbus Tustin Middle School held their second annual Climate Solution Summit. Hosted at their middle school campus in Tustin, California, over 200 local students participated in the event – which was attended by the Mayor of Tustin, Charles Puckett, the Mayor Pro Term, and several School Board Members.

During the 2018 Water Campaign, this ambitious, grand-prize-winning team saved water through many practical means on campus. They greatly reduced the amount of water needed to wipe down tables after their science course demonstrations. Their school reduced the number of gallons needed to wash their equipment from 100 gallons of water down to 3 gallons of water. The team impressed teachers and students through their creative solution and willingness to serve their community and environment.

Mrs. Kim O’Mally, Columbus Tustin Middle School’s Green Team Lead, remarked that “the students were fabulous stewards of change.”

“They spent the past four months diving into Climate Change, creating their own driving questions, researching, writing Political Action Letters, developing an educational plan and take-home solutions to share with our community, so we can ALL do our part in combating Climate Change,” O’Mally added.

The Climate Solution Summit held on May 14th was covered by CT Spectrum News 1, click here to see the segment.

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