Curiosity Quest Goes Green will be following the progress of 24 Los Angeles area schools as they compete to win Grades of Green’s 2013-2014 Trash-Free Lunch Challenge. Joel Greene, producer and host of Curiosity Quest Goes Green, filmed the schools at the Challenge Kick-Off and Training earlier this month. The elementary, middle and high school students competing will be followed from the beginning of their efforts this fall, up until the announcement of this year’s winners on April 16, 2014. These 24 schools will be striving to reduce their waste at lunchtime by packing reusable lunch materials, recycling and composting. Greene says he is “excited to see what the schools competing in the 2013/14 Trash Free Lunch Challenge will learn and what kind of impact they will be making on their school, their city, their state, and the environment as a whole as a result of participating. What an awesome competition!”

For more information on Curiosity Quest Goes Green, check out their page. For more information on the Trash-Free Lunch Challenge, go here.