Straws and single-use plastics have been targeted by environmental organizations around the world due to their negative effect on the environment. Earlier this year, non-profits, including One More Generation and Bas Les Pailles have taken action against single-use plastics. Moreover, Daves Ave Elementary and Lexington Elementary, two Grades of Green schools from California, have joined in the movement against plastic straws. Together, these schools and organizations have raised awareness around the world calling for an end to straw usage to ensure the well-being of our oceans and aquatic friends.

Are Plastics that Bad?

Single-use plastics cannot be easily recycled and are often found in environments where they can inflict harm on animals. This harms many industries and the overall quality of life for various ecosystems. Note that straws, plastics utensils, and plastic bags can easily be replaced with sturdier tools like metal utensils, cloth bags. With this in mind, why would anyone stick to single-use plastics?

School Action!

Daves Ave Elementary and Lexington Elementary addressed plastic waste issues by mobilizing their Grades of Green teams to make changes on a larger scale. Representatives from both schools signed petitions to ban unnecessary plastic utensils in cafeterias in their districts and carried that momentum to their politicians. The schools contacted assemblyman, Evan Low, sending him 117 letters and a video expressing their enthusiasm for AB 1884- a bill that would limit straw usage in restaurants and cafes in California.

The Fight Against Single-use Plastics Continues!

On March 12th, Daves Ave Elementary made efforts to ban plastic straws and single-use utensils in their schools. The school’s Grades of Green Team presented their case to Los Gatos Union School District to ban straws and other single-use plastic utensils from all the cafeteria within the district. By replacing plastic utensils with reusable sporks, the District would be able to save money by spending less on plastic utensils and trash bags. We wish the team the best of luck as they await their School District’s decision.

How have you contributed to reducing plastic waste?