The Grades of Green Team at Daves Avenue Elementary recently performed a skit in front of the whole school to remind their classmates about Trash Free Lunches and the importance of packing trash free. To incentivize both students and parents to pack trash free, the Green Team introduced a raffle program where students who packed a completely trash free lunch can earn a raffle ticket to win goodies like reusable water bottles and eco-friendly lunch bags! As one of Grades of Green’s first schools and leading Certified School with 19 Activities, Daves Avenue has taken on many activities like installing a Water Refill Station and implementing a No-Idle Zone on campus. They’re taking it to a whole new level this year by building a Drought Tolerant Garden! Looking for a fun way to kick-start a new Grades of Green Activity? Try directing a skit or other types of interactive presentations to get student buy-in. Just remember to stick to specific talking points and keep the presentation under two minutes.