SOAR Green Leadership Academy

SOAR is an advanced leadership program that empowers motivated students to lead with an environmental mindset, ensuring a sustainable future. Students will have the opportunity to realize their environmental potential by working directly with corporations, organizations, and civic entities to develop and drive better environmental standards, impacts and outcomes.  

This is the first year SOAR is taking off! We are looking for a select group of eco-conscious 9th-12th grade students in the Los Angeles Area who can dedicate between 5-10 hours per month to help direct and design this program. You will engage with like-minded peers and experienced professionals to create an eco-implementation plan for an organization.  

In SOAR, Students Will:

Become Conscious
Environmental Leaders

High school students gain practical skills and experiences, empowering them to become future environmental leaders  

Partner with
Diverse Organizations

Professionals impart experiential learning, support students interested in pursuing related fields, and contribute to shaping environmentally conscious leaders 

Unite with
Like-Minded Peers

Participants effectively collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, schools, and communities to implement an impactful environmental project 

Solve Real-World

Participants learn sustainable practices and solve real-world environmental issues while receiving personalized mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities from Grades of Green and a wide array of corporations, organizations, and civic entities 

Earn Scholarships and Internships  

Students are provided opportunities for internships, scholarships, corporate connections, and a solid sustainable foundation for their futures through potential multi-year projects 

What’s Next?

We want YOU to join us in the inaugural year of this Green Leadership Academy! Not only will you gain knowledge and insight about real-world environmental issues and work directly with all types of organizations, you will also help this pilot program take flight! 


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If you want to be a part of this inaugural eco-leadership academy, be sure to apply today. Applications are due September 30th .

Verte 2023

Thursday October 12, 2023
Optimist Studios, LA

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