The LA Kings, AEG and Blue Shield of California and Grades of Green are teaming up to send litter to the penalty box for Earth Week! From On April 22nd to the 25th, compete against your colleagues to see who can clean up the most litter and you could win big!

What’s the Deal with Litter?

When trash misses its shot and isn’t properly disposed of, it makes its way into the oceans, rivers and natural areas where we play and animals live. When this debris enters nature, it can release harmful chemical pollutants and hurt animals on land and in the water. Plastic litter often breaks down tiny pieces called microplastics that enter our food system – and eventually even our bodies! A recent study found that we may ingest up to a credit card’s worth of plastic each week! In fact, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more trash in the ocean than fish!

What You Can Do About It

LA Kings, AEG and Blue Shield of California are challenging their employees and families to clean up litter on April 22, Earth Day!

How to Participate

  1. Ready!
    From April 22nd to the 25th, choose a location in your community that you would like to clean up litter. Beaches and parks are always great spots.
  2. Set!
    Download the Litterati App on your mobile device and use it to track the litter you pick up using your challenge code listed below.
    Here’s a great guide on how to use the Literati App.
    • LA Kings and AEG members: 101376
    • Blue Shield of California members: 927362
  3. Go!
    Check back to this page, as your progress will be posted on our leaderboard throughout Earth Day!
  4. Win!
    Prizes will be awarded to the volunteers that pick up the most trash in each leaderboard:
    • 1st place – $50 gift card
    • 2nd place – $30 gift card
    • 3rd place – $20 gift card

Blue Shield of California is an independent member of the Blue Shield Association.

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