Did you know that 63% of the waste generated at Mira Costa High School each day could be recycled?  With help from Waste Management and Beach Cities Health District, Grades of Green was able to introduce a campus wide recycling program at Mira Costa on Friday, April 25th.  All classrooms were provided with two blue recycle containers, one for teachers and one for students, and all outdoor areas have paired trash/recycle containers, so students will always have the opportunity to think before they toss and recycle properly.

What is the best way to encourage high school students to recycle properly? An eco-flash mob of course! On the day of the kick-off, 70 students participated in a flash mob that made recycling the focus of lunchtime on campus. Students gathered in the cafeteria to practice the dance and learn what items could be recycled. When the lunch bell rang, the students performed their dance in the center of the school quad. The dance concluded with each student recycling an empty bottle or can. Mira Costa is going green and is quickly making recycling a part of their campus culture. Read more in the news here.