On November 16th, Grades of Green Campaign Teams participated in the Long Beach Unified School District Green Summit. Teachers, parents and staff were invited to attend the summit at Hughes Middle School, and learn about sustainability practices on their school campus. Grades of Green is proud of our Long Beach Campaign Teams for helping to make this possible.

The Grunion highlighted the Green Summit, explaining that Grades of Green Eco-Leaders from Rogers, Hughes, and Keller Middle Schools discovered an environmental legislation violation during the research and discovery phase on the Waste Campaign. “They learned that Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) policies were in violation of two state laws: AB 1826 and AB 341. The group made a presentation to the school board on March 27 this year,” reported Amy Orr.

On November 6th, the LBUSD School Board voted to pass a new Green Resolution. Mrs. Danielle Van Divort, adult supervisor of the Hughes Middle School Campaign Team, was quoted saying “It’s because of the kids’ research and hard work that this happened. Our three teams unified and became a super-team with great ideas,” Van Divort said.

The Grunion credits Grades of Green for bringing the three environmental activist teams together! Read more about the Green Summit here.