Grades of Green is sending Eco Starter Kits to kick off our new Global Water Challenge program!

The Water Challenge is a new global challenge that develops students’ leadership and creativity skills. Grades of Green Teams across the country and the
are conducting their own research to learn about local water issues and coming up with solutions to conserve water in their community. The challenge culminates with each school submitting a video with their innovative solution. To help students get started, we have provided each Grades of Greens with an awesome Eco Starter Kit.

Each starter kit contains:

  • – An introduction from your personal Water Challenge Advisor
  • – A Water Challenge banner
  • – A “Water Facts” diagram to use during your classroom presentations about water conservation
  • – Best practices for starting your own Grades of Green Team
  • – 1 Grades of Green shirt
  • – 3 Lanyards

Each box is sturdy and reusable!

By folding the top backwards and taping it down, you can easily repurpose each Eco Start Kit box into a submission box for your completed Water Challenge forms!

We hope that you enjoy your kits and have a great start to the Challenge!