So you’re interested in Project Toolkits related to Waste. Great choice! Learn more about this topic so that you’re armed with all the facts to help your students succeed in their Project Toolkit.

Why Waste?

Clothing, electronics, single-use plastics, and all the other stuff we buy and use have a big effect on our climate. Making smart choices about what we buy, how we use it, and how we dispose of it can make a big difference in the amount of waste we produce and the greenhouse gases associated with our consumption.

Unfortunately, this waste frequently ends up as litter in our oceans, rivers, and natural environment. Chemicals are leaked as trash breaks down and causes detrimental impact to the animals and wildlife that inhabit these spaces.

Check out our Project Toolkits to see how you and your students can take action to reduce waste and its harmful impacts in your community.

Waste Project Toolkits:

  • Adopt a Spot

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