1. Step 1

    ESTABLISH YOUR SCHOOL’S GRADES OF GREEN TEAM Ensure your school has established a Grades of Green Team to help implement this activity in your community and to help implement future Grades of Green Activities.
  2. Step 2

    SELECT A GAME Choose a mini-game from the "Resources" section on the right based on your interests. Remember that "Level 1" activities are designed for younger students and "Level 2" Activities are designed for older students.

    "Food Hide-and-Seek" is a fun gym or outdoor activity that explains water usage in the food we grow.

    "Air Pollution Simulation" explains and visualizes how pollution is emitted and spread. Fortunately, there are ways to stop it.

    "Energy Pictionary" Love drawing? Learn about energy terms by drawings to explain your energy term!

    "Guess the Water Word" Unscramble letters and answer riddles to learn a new water word.

    "Pollution and Gyres" Learn how water pollution works around the world's ocean currents by conducting this mini-game.

    "Toxins Waste Land" Have a printer, some dice, and some students? Play this board game to learn about toxins in a fun way!

    "Trashketball" Want to show off your free-throw skills? Show the audience where to their their waste with your basketball skills.

    "Water-Heads-Up" Try guessing the water term with clues provided!

    "Pledge-Board" Make your own promise to help the environment. Share them with your friends and family!

  3. Step 3

    CELEBRATE AND SHARE THE RESULTS! Did you have fun playing these games? Did you learn something new? If so, tag @gradesofgreen on social media with pictures of you and your team playing any of these games so we can help share your story!
  4. Step 4

    MAKE IT SUSTAINABLE What can you do to make this Activity sustainable at your school for years to come? We suggest making keeping these resources in a easily accessible place for future teams so that they can play these games in the future!

Benefit to Students

Grades of Green’s Mini Activities are a great way for students to learn about and get inspired to protect their environment in a fun and interactive way. Each Mini Activity helps reinforce critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration skills while allowing team members to bond with each other.

Benefits to the Environment

After playing one or multiple Grades of Green Mini Activities, students will be more knowledgeable about different areas of the environment. Students will also learn about various actions they can take to help conserve natural resources, reduce waste, avoid toxins, and decrease air pollution. This knowledge can help students find their environmental passion while also inspiring them to lead a bigger environmental effort.