Earth Day (April 22nd)  is just around the corner! Here are five ways to celebrate our planet on Earth Day or any day that you want to have fun and help the environment.

Plant food:

Want to eat local and reduce your fossil fuel footprint? Food that you grow yourself is as local as it gets! This Earth Day, plant one thing that you and your family can eat. You could grow potted herbs in your kitchen or vegetables like tomatoes and peppers on your window sill or your fire escape. If you have a yard and feel inspired, you could plant an entire vegetable garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor all spring, summer and fall!


Make a difference by volunteering your time to organizations that work to help the environment. Take a look at the US EPA’s list of national and local organizations that could use your support.


Recycle E-Waste:

According to the EPA, electronic waste (aka e-waste) is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Chances are, you’ve got an outdated electronic appliance gathering dust somewhere at home, and your neighbors probably do too. This Earth Day, why not help make sure those gadgets end up properly recycled instead of taking up space or leaching toxins in a landfill? Use this EPA tool to locate a responsible e-waste recycler in your area, and let your neighbors know that you’ll be happy to drop off their e-waste too!


Get Outside:

Earth Day is about enjoying and taking care of the planet, so one of the best things you can do for yourself and the Earth is to remember why it’s worth saving in the first place. Go for a hike, take a nature walk with your family, plan a picnic or a game of Frisbee in the park you’re your friends, read a book in a local garden, or take a nap in the sunshine. There are so many great ways to explore and enjoy our amazing, beautiful planet, and reconnecting with nature is the best way to remind yourself why we’re fighting so hard to protect it.


Go Veg for the Day!

Meat consumption takes a heavy toll on our environmental resources, so why not commit to eating vegetarian meals on Earth Day? Get creative and make a delicious new vegetarian recipe to enjoy with your family and friends. And if you really can’t go without meat for a whole day, at least commit to having one of your meals today be a vegetarian meal, because every change makes a difference in our ecological footprint.