Last month we visited El Segundo Middle School and learned that the national craze of bottle flipping, otherwise known as “The Water Bottle Challenge,” has indeed gone viral in our very own backyard. The challenge involves flipping half-filled water bottles and getting them to land upright atop desks, chairs, ledges—virtually anything. The more creative a landing spot, the more attention and excitement it generates. To limit the distraction caused by bottle flipping and decrease plastic consumption, schools nationwide are implementing plastic bottle bans on campus. The Grades of Green Team at El Segundo Middle School used the impending bottle ban to bring awareness to plastic reduction. Dubbed the “Flipping Funeral,” the Green Team used the ban as an opportunity to educate their classmates about plastic production and ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Know of other creative ways that empower students to become environmental stewards? Share your story on Facebook, Instagram, or send us a note at