Francis Scott Key Elementary Protects the Watershed!

Water’s importance to all life cannot be understated. Without enough quality water sources, it would be difficult to grow food, make clothing, cool power plants, clean belongings, and more.

Luckily, Francis Scott Key Elementary, a school situated in District Heights, Maryland, is tackling these water issues. As a 2018 Spring Water Challenge Participant, Francis Scott Key Elementary focusing on the “Water Quality” aspect of the Water Challenge.

Their Grades of Green team is tackling water runoff and pollution. Water runoff from rain can wash dirt, chemicals, and other pollutants into drains, which eventually go into the local watershed. Without proper prevention or mediums to neutralize water runoff, these pollutants can harm local wildlife. Local wildlife are vital to maintaining water quality. Water Quality can be accessed by the number of insects in a body of water, fish health, nitrogen and phosphate levels, and absence of algae blooms.

Francis Scott Key is using Micro-Bio Retention Facilities to collect runoff water in ponds of native plants that filter runoff water before distributing the water into the larger watershed. By filtering runoff water, nitrogen and phosphorus can be absorbed by plants and prevent algae blooms! Moreover, these filters can protect animals and insects that are vital to protecting water ways.

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