The 2016-2017 school year is in full swing and it’s all hands on deck! For the very first time Grades of Green is now a bi-coastal operation, running offices form both Los Angeles and New York. To help keep our programs running smoothly we’re proud to have the support of our Fall 2016 interns! Check out their stories below and learn how their hard work is helping Grades of Green further its mission of empowering and inspiring students to care for the environment.


Morgan grew up in Long Island, New York, and has always had a passion for preserving the planet. A University of Pittsburgh graduate, Morgan majored in History and obtained a Certificate in Leadership in 2016. Morgan began interning at Grades of Green in the fall of 2016, and he is excited to tackle on various projects to help the organization. During the summer of 2016, he spent time volunteering in the Galapagos Islands to protect the endemic animals and plant species native to San Cristobal Island. While in the Galapagos, Morgan helped to implement a sustainable recycling campaign to educate natives and tourists on stronger recycling methods. Morgan enjoys constantly learning about how to protect the environment through reading, watching documentaries, and everyday experiences. Morgan believes that one important aspect of protecting the environment is through the creation of more sustainable methods to accomplish different tasks. Morgan also believes that the best way to help the environment is to educate and empower the youth on how to tackle the environmental questions that already exist, and the questions that will exist in the future.


Jennifer is a Grades of Green intern based in New York. She fondly recalls her favorite middle school extracurricular activity – the gardening club – as it inspired her to reconnect with nature with a hands-on approach. This passion for the environment was her motivation to pursue an undergraduate degree at SUNY ESF in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Communication. Over the years, she volunteered with young students who have continuously impressed her with their creativity, optimism, and dedication; it is her hope to share a wonder for the environment, both local and global, with students of all ages. In her spare time, Jennifer loves to cook vegetarian food and find creative ways to upcycle.


Allen is an intern with Grades of Green, where he assists the Program Managers and Program Coordinators in coordinating the details of Grades of Green’s operations and programs, which includes supporting schools and students and helping with program coordination, logistics, research and database management. He is highly interested in environmental policy, sustainability, and hoping to improve the environment around us, so that everyone can enjoy and benefit from the wonderful environment that surrounds us each day. As an intern he is looking forward to gaining knowledge on how to inspire and empower students to care for the environment by utilizing Grades of Green Activities. Allen is currently in his last semester at California State University of Long Beach, where he is majoring in Environmental Science and Policy and minoring in Economics.  During his free time, Allen enjoys hiking and exploring the beautiful views of what nature provides, reading news about animals and the environment, and also watching movies and TV shows. Allen is thrilled and excited to join the Grades of Green team as an intern because he believes that in the future for there to be a better world for people to live in then it means instilling environmental values in student, so that everyone can have a helping hand in protecting the beautiful environment that we all live in and share.


Samantha is a program intern at Grades of Green, where she assists in supporting schools and students who are a part of the Grades of Green program. Samantha is thrilled to join a team of passionate individuals who strive to inspire and empower youth to care for the environment. She is currently a third year undergraduate student at UCLA, majoring in Geography and Environmental Studies with a minor in Global Studies. This past summer Samantha was a grant research intern at Meristem, a non-profit centered on helping young adults with autism develop practical life skills, increase social capacity, and transition to work and independence. Upon graduation, Samantha hopes to work in corporate responsibility or the non-profit sector. Samantha wholeheartedly believes that protecting our earth is of the utmost importance. She feels extremely blessed to be a part of a team that is working towards a brighter future for everyone.

Interested in volunteering or becoming an intern with Grades of Green? Email for more information.