Meet Carter, A GRADES OF Green Eco-Leader

As Carter will tell you, he’s been involved in Grades of Green for nearly half his life. At Grand View Elementary, Carter joined his school’s Grades of Green team where they achieved something amazing!

By speaking in front of their schoolmates, producing videos and meeting with decision-makers, Carter’s team convinced their fellow students, teachers and school administrators to cut single-use plastic bottles out of their entire school!

Grades of Green’s judges were so impressed with the team’s project that they were awarded an Eco-Grant as part of our 2018 Water Campaign. Eco-Grants are awarded to teams in order to help students expand their project’s impact. The Grand View team used their Eco-Grant to install a hydration station so that their classmates could fill up the reusable bottles they were now inspired to use!

But these Eco-Leaders didn’t just stop here. They went on to convince their school board to “ban the bottle” in all five of the district’s elementary schools!

The Grand View team is Just one of Hundreds

Each year, more and more students are interested in joining our network of Eco-Leaders. Hundreds of students have already joined our Spring Campaign across the globe! We work with student teams in Africa, Asia, Europe, India, South America, the Middle East and all across the United States.

Impact by the Numbers:

• We’ve engaged more than 600,000 students

• We’ve worked with student teams in 47 states and 27 countries

• Our students have diverted hundreds of thousands of pounds of trash from going to landfills

• Our students have pushed through the passage of 10+ environmental policies, bills and resolutions

At no cost, Grades of Green provides each student team with powerful tools and one-on-one mentorship valued at $2,000.

In order to mentor more student leaders like Carter, we need your help.

With our donors’ generous contributions, Grades of Green has empowered thousands of students. Every day we hear from more and more students who want to change their world for the greener, but we need your donation to make sure their vision for our planet becomes a reality!


Please consider donating today. Your generous support will allow Grades of Green to work with more students, provide additional Eco-Grants and allow our advisors to broaden the innovative one-on-one mentorship that will build the next generation of Eco-Leaders.

You’re not only helping students protect the environment, you’re empowering student leaders to discover that they can change the world!