Grades of Green has been highlighted on The Inspired Child, a web series which features leaders in the fields of education, youth leadership, coaching and service-learning.

Produced and Hosted by Ashley Dos Santos, an educator and youth-mentor, The Inspired Child is about arming as many parents as possible with information that will empower them and ensure that their kids are inspired to make the world a better place. This web series is an opportunity to learn from people that have found a way to create real world learning, service and leadership opportunities for young people during their crucial middle and teenage years.

Representing Grades of Green, Program Advisor Robyn Murphy talks about the upcoming Waste Campaign, what inspires children, and what empowers them to take their projects to the next level. “Kids have ideas,” Robyn added, “but don’t necessarily have the resources to implement them.”

The upcoming Waste Campaign offers students the opportunity to implement waste reduction on their campus, research environmental issues affecting their community, and brainstorm sustainable solutions with the help of Grades of Green Mentors and environmental experts.

Viewing the web series, resources, and trainings put into action, are all free to access by registering here. Each segment of The Inspired Child will include insights, tips and strategies for internships, service-learning & experiential projects; including templates, trainings, documentary series, how-to guides, lesson plans and book studies.

The individual segments will be airing from January 15th through February 5th. The web series will also feature segments from 20 other leaders in education and youth leadership, such as Laurie Ann Thompson, author of “Be A Changemaker,” and Katie Allen of Algalita.

If you have any additional questions about the Waste Campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact Grades of Green Advisors at

Ready to join the movement? Register for the Waste Campaign here before January 22nd.