Grades of Green is thrilled to join the 5 Gyres 2018 Coral Triangle Expedition in Indonesia this summer. Director of Global Programs <a href=" Emily Gee and Program Coordinator Emily Stewart will be representing Grades of Green on the journey of a lifetime on a research schooner that will travel from Indonesia’s Komodo National Park to Bali from July 21st- 29th.

Grades of Green will be joining the diverse expedition crew to sample microplastics, brainstorm solutions to plastic pollution, and develop hands-on citizen science activities for eco-leaders accross the globe, led by 5 Gyres Co-Founder and Research Director Marcus Eriksen and 5 Gyres Science Programs Director Carolynn Box. Data collected on the Expedition will be incorporated into 5 Gyres’ global dataset of microplastics and used in the update of 5 Gyres’ Global Estimate of Marine Plastic Pollution study.

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