Long Time Eco-Participants Graduate
The South Bay Team’s Isaiah and Gerard have participated in Grades of Green programs for the past 4 years. The two eco-leaders have partaken in Youth Corps challenges, Trash Free Lunches, and most recently, the 2019 Waste Campaign. The two have graduated from high school and plan to continue their environmental work at college!

Isaiah’s Accomplishments
Isaiah’s interest in the natural world led him to Grades of Green. He implemented the Native Garden activity at his old middle school to engage others in the practicality of environmental action. In addition, he created coloring books for younger elementary students to appreciate and foster respect for the natural environment. With his engineering talents, he built a Bluebird Sanctuary at his school and worked with two other clubs to produce and install artwork and poetry featuring the local birds of 90807. As if his resume wasn’t impressive enough, Isaiah finished his Grades of Green tenure by getting 2 hydration stations installed at his high school and was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Waste Campaign. In the Fall, Isaiah will be studying environmental engineering at University of Pennsylvania.

Gerard’s Accomplishments
Gerard partook in Trash Free Lunches on Tuesdays to reduce the effects of single-use plastics on the environment at lunch time. He proceeded to start up an environmental student store in school to increase incentives for students to partake in Trash Free Lunch. Students would save points for each Trash Free Lunch activity and spend their points on eco-products in the store. In the Fall, Gerard will attend University of California, Berkeley.