Love the Holiday Season? Love Gifts? Love the Environment?

Then you’ll love Grades of Green’s gift guide AND investor program! Grades of Green partners with a variety of environmentally conscious companies like Dopper, Funkins, and more! Buying from these environmentally conscious organizations is a great way to keep the holiday season eco-friendly. In addition, you can join Grades of Green’s newly debuted Investor Program to receive green goodies and have exclusive access to Grades of Green’s events and meetups in Los Angeles and in New York City!

Hockey Fans, Extra Opportunity for YOU!

Grades of Greens is selling special tickets for an upcoming LA Kings game on January 21st, 2019! The LA Kings will be facing off against the St. Louis Blues and you’ll have the opportunity to watch this heated game from the VIP booth. This exclusive discount includes a “behind-the-scenes” tour of Staples Center. Lastly, a portion of these tickets will go towards helping Grades of Green’s students around the world!

Purchasing these gifts and joining the Investor Program not only provides an array of amazing (and useful!) gifts and exclusive opportunities for you, your friends, and family, but they also support Grades of Green’s programs. A percentage of sales from the following organizations goes towards keeping Grades of Green’s Campaigns, like our upcoming Waste Campaign, free for students and schools. Your purchases and support ensures that our students can participate in ANY of Grades of Green’s programs and focus entirely on creating their environmental solution.

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide Organizations

Funkins Napkins a Grades of Green Collaboration!



U Konserve


Legend Socks

Planet Wise

Eco Lunchbox

Go Green Lunchbox


Dabbawalla Bags

Klean Kanteen


Chico Bags

Green Toys

Many of the companies listed in our Eco-Friendly Gift Guide have developed unique products to promote reducing, reusing and recycling. Supporting these businesses not only reduces the waste stream but also promotes the concept of making best use of available materials.

Have a fun holiday season and remember to shop green, stay keen, and keep with the Grades of Green scene!