Manhattan Beach Middle School (MBMS) will be working with Grades of Green and Waste Management to reduce their lunchtime waste this school year. Grades of Green and Waste Management have been working together for five years promoting zero waste lunches at the elementary schools.  Their efforts worked so well that many former elementary students now entering the Manhattan Beach Middle School (MBMS) asked how those efforts could be replicated at the MBMS.

As Waste Management representative Stephone Paige put it, “now those students are beginning to enter middle school, so it made sense to launch a new zero waste effort at the middle school as well.”  Grades of Green and Waste Management aim to do just that.  The zero waste lunch program that will be implemented at MBMS will include an assembly, lunchtime reduction and sorting activities, a lunch waste reduction eco-consultation, and contests to promote trash free lunches. To read more, see the full press release.