What do you do with the scraps from your favorite Farmer’s Market fruits and veggies? Grades of Green helped the Manhattan Beach Farmer’s Market celebrate their 10th Anniversary by showing everyone what we do with ours: veggie stamping! On Tuesday, July 12th, while parents shopped for fruits, veggies, lunch, or fun craft items, their kids got to make a masterpiece by stamping some veggie scraps into ink pads to make art! This fun filled event also included live music and performances, excellent food options, a train for kids to ride in, and other interactive booths featuring environmentally-minded organizations. Grades of Green staff was joined by our friends at the National Charity League who volunteered to help us spread the word about Grades of Green. Thank you Manhattan Beach Farmer’s Market for including Grades of Green in such a fun day. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!

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