Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone Activity was featured in the summer issue of Green Teacher Magazine, marking our second national publication this year! Our article, “Turn the Key to be Idle Free,” establishes the importance of No Idle Zones in improving air quality and child health, and provides readers with best practices for establishing No Idle Zones on their school campuses.

Grades of Green’s No Idle Zone Activity empowers students to instill environmental values in their broader communities as they encourage parents to turn off their engines in school pick-up zones. Creating No Idle Zones reduces air pollution and associated risks of lung disease, and Grades of Green’s steps for implementing No Idle Zones ensures that air quality initiatives are both effective and student-led. The article also featured Robinson Elementary’s success in creating a No Idle Zone on their Manhattan Beach campus, as well as Youth Corps Student Antonio’s work to inspire statewide no-idling legislation.

Grades of Green is proud that our work is being shared with Green Teacher Magazine’s readership of educators dedicated to fostering environmental learning, and that as a result, No Idle Zones will expand to a broader network of school communities.