Grades of Green has just launched our biggest eco-challenge yet, the Spring 2018 Global Water Challenge! Following our successful pilot Fall 2017 Water Challenge, the Spring 2018 Water Challenge involves 40 schools from 10 countries and 8 U.S. states. The Global Water Challenge is a semester-long program run by student leaders who are rolling out a water conservation or water quality campaign on campus. From Long Beach, California to Nairobi, Kenya, Grades of Green Teams are working towards the same goal: protecting our water supply for current and future generations!

Competing Grades of Green Teams will start a green movement at their schools as they involve students in “Take Action Week,” when the entire campus will participate in a take-home Water Challenge that encourages participants to make water-saving habit changes and to complete activities that increase water quality. Each Water Challenge School receives a personal Grades of Green Advisor to provide individualized support and to ensure that students are empowered to innovate creative solutions to water issues in their communities. Grades of Green Teams dialogue with each other and share ideas through a specialized Google Classroom, and each school is paired with a buddy school participating in the Water Challenge in another part of the world to further encourage global learning. Water Challenge students also educate their peers about the importance of water conservation through classroom presentations and by creating a final short video pitch of their solution to a water issue.

The winning schools will be announced during Earth Month in April 2018, and will receive a $500 grant to implement their student-created water conservation project.

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