Eight Grades of Green kids were the catalyst for Hermosa Beach becoming even
greener March 27 by banning styrofoam in city restaurants.  The third
grade Hermosa Valley students each presented their case on
why polystyrene should be banned.  One such student, Matt,
opened by exclaiming how polystyrene lasts 500 years: “500 years! That’s a
long time, right?!”  He was followed by fellow classmates noting how
our oceans are dying and they are in a need of a seatbelt (the ban), how we are
hurting our ocean now versus something that might happen in the future, how we
shouldn’t eat off of something that will last longer than we will, and how it’s
not fair to the fish. Check out this video of the students’
presentations to the Hermosa Beach City Council – talk about being empowered to
take action to protect the environment!  Over 200 other Hermosa Beach
students were also involved in a related art contest to raise awareness about
trash reduction.  The students’ art work will be displayed in various
places throughout the City of Hermosa Beach.