The Hermosa Beach City Council recently took a bold step moving forward with a ban on containers made of polystyrene (Styrofoam) in city restaurants.  As well as the ban, there is an outreach component that includes educating business owners and customers about recycling Styrofoam and the health risks such as potential human carcinogens that are associated with it.  Two kids played an instrumental role in the City’s decision making as they spoke out in support of the ban. Hermosa Valley School third grader, Max Riley stated that when he goes to the beach with to-go food items in Styrofoam containers that “the birds go over and rip the Styrofoams apart” and that it “gets everywhere…So I’m asking, for me and my friends who play in the ocean and the dolphins we love to see in the ocean, to ban the Styrofoam[s].”  To read more about the ban, click here.