Grades of Green is excited to announce that we are launching our Youth Board of Advisors!  As the future environmental leaders of the world, we believe a Youth Board will provide insight and opinions from the very generation we are trying to inspire.  Not only will it be great for Grades of Green, it will be an excellent opportunity for the students to build leadership skills, participate in public appearances, and learn how to protect the environment.  And we need your help finding them…
Kids who are chosen for the Board will participate in two to four conference calls annually to discuss the direction of Grades of Green, give feedback on the activities, and most importantly, give their passion and insight.
We are looking for a diverse group of outstanding students, any age assuming they are old enough to handle the responsibilities of the job, who have shown a passion for helping the environment.  No experience is necessary, but we do require that they implement, or help implement, at least one Grades of Green activity at their school.
The students will serve a one-year term with the potential for a renewed term and we are looking for 5 – 10 kids nationwide to sit on the Board.  The Board members will be chosen based on the answers to the attached application.  Applications are due by the end of April, 2011.
If you know of anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to apply by forwarding this e-mail to them via the e-mail share link above.  You can also share on Facebook or Twitter.  As you know, our mission is to inspire and empower students to protect the Earth today so their actions will have a positive effect on future generations.
We hope you help us in our search for the environmental leaders of tomorrow.
Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.  -John Wooden