Grades of Green Co-Founder and Director of Operations Suzanne Kretschmer gave tips about getting toxins out of schools at Healthy Child Healthy World’s most recent webinar, “Easy Steps to Healthier Schools.” The webinar discussed toxic substances that children are likely to come into contact with in their school and daycare environments and how parents can take action for healthy change. Suzanne specifically talked about how Grades of Green inspires and empowers students, parents, teachers and administrators to work with school districts to get toxins out of classrooms. She also invited webinar attendees to educate themselves with all of the information on the Grades of Green website, including helpful information on the effects of toxins on children. Other presenters included Bettina Elias Siegel, freelance writer and blogger at The Lunch Tray, and Mike Schade, Markets Campaign Coordinator at the Center for Health and Environmental Justice, who also had wisdom to share on the subject.

Grades of Green also collaborated with Healthy Child Healthy World to help create their new eBook, Easy Steps to Healthy Schools & Daycares. The eBook is a fantastic resource center of educational tools developed to help parents understand the potential health-related and environmental problems that can arise in schools and daycares, where to look for them, and how to address them through individual actions as well as discussions with school faculty or daycare directors. You can check out the FREE eBook here!

To learn more about Healthy Child Healthy World, visit their website. And to check out the webinar go to or you can go directly to YouTube and watch it here!